Why Spray Foam Installation

Spray foam

Learn More About Spray Foam Installation

Spray foam is more than just a high R-value insulation material. It prevents moisture-laden air present outside from entering the attic or into the living area of your property.

Demilec APX 1.2 is used in attics and crawl spaces, and once applied, no ignition barrier is required if the attic is to be used for service of utilities only. If a fire occurs, once the flame is removed from the spray foam insulation, the insulation will not continue to propagate a flame. This superior fire-performing product provides a new standard for fire safety. Demilec APX 1.2 also provides an air barrier, insulates and seals in one application, and offers superior performance and value.
Spray Foam Insulation

More Reasons to Get Spray Foam Insulation

  • Reduces energy costs
  • Reduces outside pollutants
  • Minimizes outside noise
  • AC 377 APPENDIX X compliant
  • No ignition barrier required
  • Insulates and seals in one application
  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Superior performance and value
  • Air barrier
  • Controls moisture
  • Provides design flexibility
  • Prevents mold development
  • More durable as an insulating material

Why You Should Design and Build With Spray Foam

Spray foam is more than just a high R-value insulation:
  • Spray foam is an air barrier. Effective air barriers are now an integral part of building codes and standards. They allow for additional savings in reduced HVAC requirements by increasing the efficiency of mechanical systems.
  • Spray foam helps control moisture. Open-and-closed cell spray foam can act as a moisture vapor barrier. In addition, sealing gaps and air leaks can prevent humidity and condensation within a building.
  • Spray foam helps prevent mold. Spray foam can limit one of the key variables that can lead to mold growth - moisture.
  • Spray foam makes buildings more durable. You can get a more durable building by reducing moisture problems. Medium density, closed-cell spray foam can increase the racking strength of wall assemblies and makes them stronger.
  • Spray foam can improve customer satisfaction by improving comfort, durability, and energy efficiency.
  • Spray foam provides design flexibility. Spray foam allows you to be creative with your design as they can expand to fill cavities, crevices, and gaps including awkward or difficult to reach areas.
Spray foam insulation creates an air seal like putting a gasket around a refrigerator. Traditional fiberglass insulation is only made to trap air allowing hot air into your attic where spray foam doesn’t allow it to enter to begin with. Converting attics into a semi-conditioned space in hot climates by closing soffits, gable and ridge vents is a positive design approach in reducing the moisture loads in houses and buildings. This can be achieved by moving the insulation from the floor of the attic and applying spray foam to the underside of the roof deck to seal all the vents.

This design prevents the moisture laden outside air from entering the attic and subsequently into the living area of houses and buildings. The air seal also prevents the radiant heat from migrating into the living area. The lower humidity levels create indoor air quality that is much more comfortable to live in. This is very important in all higher humidity climates. Not only is spray foam insulation an excellent thermal and moisture barrier, the indoor air is also much cleaner. Spray foam greatly reduces pollen and dust from entering your home or office building improving the environment for people suffering from allergies and asthma.
Meet the next generation of open-cell spray foam. Demilec APX 1.2 exceeds the stringent fire-test requirements from the International Building Code. No ignition barrier needed in attics and crawl spaces.
We always strive to improve your level of satisfaction through the quality of our spray foam insulation work.
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